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Upcoming Events

SW Freshers - "The Wizarding World of Woodhouse Park"

Friday 21st of October 19:00 to Sunday 23rd of October 13:00, 2016

The annual SSAGO South West Freshers camp, this year hosted by UWE at Woodhouse park in Bristol... and Harry Potter themed! All South West region SSAGO clubs welcome!

League of Midlands Freshers Camp 2016

Friday 28th of October 19:00 to Sunday 30th of October 14:00, 2016

Get ready for an activity-packed weekend in the heart of the Midlands. Good food, good fun and good company guaranteed!

Space Rally

Friday 18th of November 16:00 to Sunday 20th of November 16:00, 2016

In one last jaunt on the Enterprise before retiring to a cushy job teaching back at the Academy: the Associates present SPACE RALLY!

Best of British Rally

Friday 17th of February 16:00 to Sunday 19th of February 14:00, 2017

Best of British Rally

Bath Masked Ball 2017

Saturday 1st of April 19:00 to Sunday 2nd of April 00:00, 2017

The famous SSAGO national ball, held this year in Bath. The theme is a masked ball, so dress to impress!

Past Events

Witan 2016

Wednesday 17th of August 10:00 to Thursday 25th of August 00:00, 2016

Witan is SSAGO's international camp. This time we're off to Berlin, Germany for just over a week's worth of fun and exciting things! Join us for a once in a SSAGO-time experience! Witan is open to anyone who has been a SSAGO member (student or associate) from the academic year starting in September 2013 and onwards.

SSAGO Hack Weekend

Friday 15th of July 00:00 to Sunday 17th of July 00:00, 2016

Come along and help us develop the SSAGO website!

Gilwell 24

Friday 8th of July 18:00 to Sunday 10th of July 18:00, 2016

Every year, volunteers from SSAGO assist at Gilwell 24, a 24-hour event for Explorer Scouts and Senior Section Guides between the 8th to 10th July 2016. This is an opportunity to help out at a large event, get to meet lots of new people and to spread the exciting word of SSAGO!

Dino Rally

Friday 17th of June 17:00 to Sunday 19th of June 14:00, 2016

This year Southampton SSAGO presents DINO RALLY, an action packed Summer Rally! A large selection of activities will keep all the dinosaurs entertained throughout the weekend, with a tasty menu for the herbivores and carnivores to keep energy levels high.

CUSAGC Punt Joust 2016

Sunday 12th of June 10:00 to 15:00, 2016

CUSAGC are unique as the only people in the country (world?) to hold a regular punt jousting tournament. This year we challenge all comers from SSAGO at this ancient sport on June 12th 10:00-15:00! You can also come to join the crowd of locals, students and tourists who spectate.

Avon County Jamboree

Friday 27th of May 12:00 to Monday 30th of May 17:00, 2016

The Avon County Jamboree ( is a county camp for 2000-3000 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section. It's in Bristol and we need a bunch of amazing volunteers to come and run activities, do site security, promote communications and media during the weekend and much more! Organising the activities for this camp is Jodi Walsh, your friendly SSAGO Treasurer, and she would love for a group of SSAGO-ers to come and run a backwoods cooking/bushcraft station and generally promote SSAGO. The cost of the 4 day camp will be £25 to cover food and camping. So, if you fancy the challenge, please sign up and Jodi will be in contact to arrange the rest!

BUGS go to Ireland

Monday 4th of April 00:00 to Friday 8th of April 00:00, 2016

Bangor BUGS are planning on hopping over the sea to Ireland for a week of fun, Guinness and Leprechauns* as we explore the delights of Dublin! We'd like to invite everyone in SSAGO to join us on our little break during the Easter holidays but before we can get cracking on making firm plans, we need to know how many people would be genuinely interested! Dates are April 4th- 8th, with different transport options available. Price is looking to be around £150 (depending on activities, and if you sort your own transport, price will be reduced) A deposit will need to be paid along with website booking and final costs must be paid by the 1st of April! Booking options will be: - Return transport from Bangor to Dublin provided (with Railcard) - Return transport from Bangor to Dublin provided (without Railcard) - Return flights to Dublin Provided (flying from Manchester) - No transport provided *Leprechauns not guaranteed.

Leeds Northern Lights Ball

Saturday 19th of March 19:00 to Sunday 20th of March 12:00, 2016

Leeds Northern Lights SSAGO Ball will be held on Saturday 19th March 2016, at the Marriott Hotel in Leeds.

Solent's New Forest Camp!

Friday 11th of March 18:00 to Sunday 13th of March 17:00, 2016

A weekend of adventure in the New Forest.

SAGUWE presents Feb-U-Rally

Friday 12th of February 18:00 to Sunday 14th of February 14:00, 2016

SAGUWE presents Feb-U-Rally! This is the Spring Rally hosted at Woodhouse Park, Bristol from 12th-14th of February 2016! Can you guess our Cracking theme?

Murder, Mystery and Intrigue

Friday 22nd of January 22:00 to Saturday 23rd of January 20:00, 2016

Colonel Mustard herby invites you to an evening of murder, mystery and intrigue…

SSAGO at Wintercamp 2016

Friday 8th of January 16:00 to Sunday 10th of January 14:00, 2016

SSAGO is back and providing support at Wintercamp, teaching the art of backwoods cooking. Fancy helping out?

Carnival Rally

Friday 20th of November 19:00 to Sunday 22nd of November 13:00, 2015

Cardiff Carnival Rally is being hosted at CRAI Activity Park from 20-22nd November 2015.

Midlands Freshers' Camp

Friday 30th of October 19:00 to Sunday 1st of November 14:00, 2015

There'll be pioneering, smores, fire, archery, pumpkin carving, a Back To The Future fancy dress theme (take as seriously as you like!) and much more....

South West Freshers' Camp

Friday 23rd of October 18:00 to Sunday 25th of October 15:00, 2015

SAGE is hosting South West Freshers' Camp 2015 in Torbay. It will be Pirates themed! The camp is open to all South West unis plus Cardiff & Swansea as well as any Indy members who would like to come. Sign-up here until the 22nd October!

Rali Disgo Bangor Disco Rally

Friday 19th of June 16:00 to Sunday 21st of June 15:00, 2015

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty, shake your booty over to Bangor and join us in our boogie wonderland at Felin Bach campsite for our disco inferno! We don't care if you remember the 21st night of September as long as you remember the 19th - 21st June 2015. So get ready because there aint no stopping us now while we celebrate good times and make this a night to remember!! Should you need us, email

Southampton Ball on a Boat

Friday 20th of March 20:00 to Sunday 22nd of March 16:00, 2015

Ball on a boat!

Lancaster Superhero Rally

Friday 6th of February 17:00 to Sunday 8th of February 15:00, 2015

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Lancaster Superhero Rally! SSAGO Assemble at Guys Farm on the 6th-8th February 2015! Don't forget your cape! More information to follow... Contact us at: (no apologies are made for the excessive use of superhero slogans/puns)