Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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The Exec

The Exec, elected at the AGM each year, form the elected representatives of National SSAGO and together work to maintain and develop the running of SSAGO at a National Level


Alexandra Massie

Hello, I am Lexie, and I have somehow been elected as your Chair for the next year! I have been in SSAGO for almost 5 years now, spending 4 years studying Zoology at the University of Southampton, and have now come down to the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus to study a masters in Conservation and Biodiversity.

I discovered SSAGO at the very start of my first year, having previously been unaware of its existence, and very quickly became heavily involved. I have held the roles of Social Secretary, Quartermaster and Guide Liaison for Southampton SSAGO, and have been part of the working groups for Dino Rally and our upcoming international trip. This year I managed to start up a SSAGO for Cornwall, Kernow SSAGO, and held the role of President.

I have been a part of Guiding ever since I joined Brownies at the age of 7, and am yet to leave! 7 year old me definitely never thought it would become such a big part of my life, and I certainly have SSAGO to thank for that! As much as I enjoy being a leader, it is when I am with SSAGO that I feel the most at home. SSAGO has provided me with so many great opportunities, and I feel honoured to have been given the chance to run and support this fantastic organisation that we all love.

I am looking forward to spending the next year helping SSAGO to be the best that it can be! I want to make sure that you, the members, really feel listened to, and to be able to shape the organisation to how you want it to be. I am sure many of you have some great ideas for how you would like to see SSAGO progress, so please get in touch, and remember, SSAGO is known for being silly, so your suggestions certainly won’t sound silly compared to many of our beloved SSAGO traditions! How often do you really see a group of adults fighting over a cuddly toy?

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Oliver Bills

Hi, I'm Oli and I'm the secretary and webmaster for SSAGO. I'll primarily be looking after all the behind-the-scenes parts of SSAGO, doing my best to support both National SSAGO and SSAGO clubs as well as working hard to build and share the collective knowledge of SSAGO.

When I first found SSAGO at university, I'd never been involved in Scouting before, so this was a completely new experience but I immediately fell in love with SSAGO, Scouting and Guiding and found both a new home and a new obsession! Since then, SSAGO and Scouting has taken over my life, but I can honestly say it's been the best thing that's happened in my life so far - and that's thanks to all the lovely and wonderful people that make up SSAGO, Scouting and Guiding and the wonderful community I am now a part of.

This year, I'd like to work to bring SSAGO together, provide a national SSAGO programme library, collabroative knowledge base of everything a SSAGOer would want to know (or not want to know) and grow our relationships with Scouting, Girlguiding and SAGGA. I'd like to make SSAGO more fun, with more national events, badges and sharing our history as well as our future through working with Larah and the archives. Finally, I want to help make SSAGO better for everyone, making it easier for suggest new ideas and change SSAGO, promoting opportunities and improving communication.

As webmaster, I also build and maintain all the various aspects of the website, from the membership and events system (and all those other new systems we seem to have needed, like the survey system or the murder mystery system...), to the scary parts behind the scenes that nobody else will ever see, such as the bits that make the emails work or projects and teams.

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Lucy Tregoning

Well hello there, my name is Lucy and I’m your new Treasurer for the next year! Currently, I am studying Business Administration & Economics at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, but I am originally from the Cotswolds.

Throughout the 11 years I’ve been a Scout, I have built a huge repertoire of experience, skills and friendships that have shaped me into who I am today. My mum always says that if you cut me open, ‘Scouting’ would be written on my heart and ‘be prepared’ would be written in my head. Within Scouting I have had many fantastic experiences including as a District Youth Commissioner; attending two World Scout Jamborees; over 250 nights away and been on the organising team for Strategy & Evolution. This year I am even organising a county all-adult ski trip!

I am relatively new to SSAGO but so far it has been a whirlwind of fun! It has been an honour to be part of Glasgow SSAGO and protect our Highland Cow. SSAGO has built me countless friendships so far from across the country as well as connect with fellow Scouts from my past.

After putting myself out there and having a knack for numbers, Treasurer seems a fitting role for me. As treasurer, I intend to make all the behind the scenes work and planning faster, easier and more efficient. This will be achieved by providing resources, improving the payment systems and being an available helping hand.

I look forward to meeting more of you! Let’s hope for another fabby year of SSAGO memories!

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Reuben Cone

I will soon be finishing three great years studying Biology at Keele and in the midst of not knowing what the next step would be I decided being a part of the Exec would be a great adventure.

Keele SSAGO has been my life since I arrived at University. Three years on the committee, two international trips and one Freshers camp later the club has grown significantly and I’m proud to say Keele are now one of the biggest clubs. Nevertheless it’s time to move on and so I’m ready to see what I can do for you guys as your new Publicity Officer.

Despite being in Scouting since Beavers, without a doubt SSAGO has been the greatest thing Scouting has offered me. There’s so many great opportunities, unforgettable experiences and fantastic people I’ve met so I want to make sure as many people know about us as possible.

Outside of SSAGO I’m a Cub Leader at home and university, and a keen Quidditch player!

In my term I’d like to revamp SSAGO Supports, introduce the Clubs challenge badge system and improve our Social Media presence.

Here's to a fun year!

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Clare Fuller

Hi, I’m Clare and will be your Members Officer for the next year. I am in my final year of studying Festival and Event Management.

I first joined Girlguiding in 1996 as a Rainbow and have since moved through Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Young Leader and now a Leader, recently receiving my 10 Year Service Award. I joined SSAGO when I started university in 2016 and it has become a huge part of my life, providing so many opportunities, friends, fun and adventures.

During my year as members officers, I would like to introduce and encourage more local and regional events, encourage non-traditional students to join SSAGO and introduce a new club mentor scheme.

Over the next year, I would really like to be YOUR member officer, so if you have any queries, questions or anything else, feel free to drop me at email or at event come and have a chat.

Let’s all have the another fun SSAGO year together.

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The Assistants

The Assistants, appointed by and working with the Exec, support the running of National SSAGO through filling specific roles and tasks needed to make SSAGO work


Joe Barnes

My eyes are dim, I cannot see; I have not brought my specs with me. Even so, there’s so much you’ll want to buy from the Quartermaster’s stores that you can’t miss it!

I’m Joe, currently studying Materials Engineering at the University of Liverpool. I started in Scouting when I was six, and never left; I’m a scout leader now both at Uni and at home. I’ve been in Liverpool SSAGO for 3 years now, on committee for 2 of them and now I’ve stepped up to offer you the best merch around.

By the end of my tenure the SSAGO brand will be seen as high fashion; everyone will be wanting to wear it, so you need to buy your merch now.

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Larah Korrison

I'm Larah and I'm your archivist. My role is about looking after records and objects that belong to SSAGO. They can be anything from minutes to retired publicity materials.

I did my undergrad course in History at UWE and now coming to the end of my Masters course in Archives Administration at Aberystwyth.

Last year saw the 50th anniversary of SSAGO and it was lovely to meet so many past members and hear of their tales of SSAGO, somethings have changed and others not so much! This year I want to help clubs and members get excited about SSAGO's history, whether that's from the individual member's time or to club history and developments. Working with the Webmaster and his team I want to put up more resources for everyone to enjoy, what's the point in collecting all these records if you can't share them! I hope to raise more awareness of records management and ways in which you can look after your records for future members to utilize.

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Harriet Bell

I’m Harriet, a ManSSAGO member and your International Officer! I have been involved in Guiding since I was 8. I’ve been in SSAGO since September 2014 when I came to university at Manchester Metropolitan University, with my first Rally being Lancaster Superhero Rally in February 2015! Since then I have attended 7 other rallies, 2 balls, Witan 2016, Reunion and plenty of regional SSAGO events. Aside from SSAGO I am an active member of MMU Mountaineering Club and am currently in my final year of BSc. Biology. In ManSSAGO I have held the role of secretary and am currently one of the outgoing co-chairs.

I got involved in the International Team after visiting Martninistam the Netherlands in 2017 with some other ManSSAGO members, as I wanted to help form the flourishing links that SSAGO has with International groups. The previous International Officer Beatrice and I set up the SSAGO International Friends Facebook group to bring everyone together. I aim to enrich and raise the profile of the International side of SSAGO both internally and externally, encouraging more International visitors, trips for SSAGO members and collaboration between international clubs. I want to continue to contact International groups to get involved with SSAGO, whether that is visiting them as a SSAGO contingent, inviting them to our camps or sharing ideas and activities from our own countries.

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