Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.


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The Exec are here to represent you and help support your SSAGO Journey. If you've got any suggestions, ideas, concerns or questions, just fill in the box below!

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Reps Meeting

The next Reps Meeting, where the National Exec, Assistants and all SSAGO clubs gather to discuss SSAGO will be held at Viking Rally on 21/11/2021.

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Exec Meetings

The Exec get together at various points over the year to plan and discuss National SSAGO business and any points raised by SSAGO members. The agendas and minutes are always public and your thoughts are always welcome.

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The Exec

The Exec, elected at the AGM each year, form the elected representatives of National SSAGO and together work to maintain and develop the running of SSAGO at a National Level

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Adele Upton

Hello SSAGO!

I’m Adele and I am your Chair for the next year! I am currently doing an industrial placement year and then will be heading back to Bath for my final year at uni, studying chemical engineering.

I joined the Scouts in 2010, after moving back to the UK from the Netherlands and needing to make some friends near my village. Since then, Scouting has become a huge part of my life, even influencing my choice of university! SSAGO has been a wonderful part of my university experience and I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met both in BUGS and at rallies. After 2 years on Bath BUGS committee and a year chairing Roman Rally, I decided SSAGO hasn’t taken up nearly enough of my time yet, hence my run for exec!

Happy SSAGOing!

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Brittany Long

I’m Brittany and I am your Secretary. My role on Team Pink is to do all the paperwork and keep the committee organised.

Since my first rally as a fresher I have fallen in love with SSAGO and the people I’ve met through it. I’m very excited to have the chance to give back and help make SSAGO better, by doing all the boring bits most of you will never have the pleasure of seeing!

I am currently finishing off my final year of maths at the University of Bath under less than ideal circumstances and I am looking forward to being done so I can focus on SSAGO! As part of Bath BUGS I’ve been Guide Rep, Secretary, and was also Secretary for Roman Rally this year.

I’m a very proud girl guide and have been since I was 7, and I have no intention of giving up any time soon. Outside of SSAGO I’m a big fan of musical theatre and singing in general – if you hear someone humming in the bathroom at camp at two in the morning, it’s probably me!

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Maddy Brett

I’m Maddy and I am finishing my 3rd year of Pharmacy at Bath. I have been involved with guiding since I was 7 and I have continued my involvement through BUGS at university. I have been involved in SSAGO since coming to university almost 3 years ago, attending my first rally in November 2017 as a fresher.
Through BUGS I have had the opportunity to be the activities officer for Roman Rally, help with local guiding and scouting events and join SSAGO. I have been on the BUGS committee for 2 years taking the roles of guide rep and treasurer. Whilst at uni, I volunteer locally at a guide unit whilst working on my leadership qualification and volunteer at local scout events throughout the year. I have made many friends and lasting memories through SSAGO. Running a rally was an amazing experience which has shaped my entire time at university, and I want to help offer those opportunities and more to lots of other people!
As treasurer I want to focus on some of the behind the scenes aspects of being the role such as adding another account for the shop to easily track of spending, updating the rally budget form and making a guide to rally finances for those who would like some extra help.
Outside of SSAGO and BUGS, I ring the church bells and I’m involved with the LGBT+ society at Bath Uni.

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Reuben Cone

Hi there! I was your Publicity Officer for 2019/2020 and I had a really fun year on the SSAGO Exec - so fun in fact that I wanted to do it again! A few of my ongoing projects are close to completion, and I don’t want to continue the cycle where the handover causes great ideas to be dropped!

As a bit of background I was previously on Keele SSAGO’s committee for three years, taking the roles of Treasurer, Scout & Guide Coordinator and President. During my time in SSAGO so far I’ve run two international trips, chaired one Freshers camp and organised activities for another. Then there’s the year I’ve just spent on the Exec where I have done loads like revamping SSAGO Support, producing loads of Social Media content, publicised SSAGO online and in real life, designed loads of badges, and so much more!

This year I’d like to finalise the badges and get physical badges made, produce some more publicity materials for clubs to use, provide the new Exec with plenty of support and try and solve some of SSAGOs background issues!

On a personal level I’ll be moving to Manchester to do a Masters in Science Communication, and I’m looking forward to joining ManSSAGO and getting back to some ‘on the ground’ SSAGO action!

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Amy Franklin

Hi, I’m Amy and your new membership officer! I am just coming to the end of my time at the University of Hertfordshire (studying Physics) where I help found HUGGaS as the treasurer (a role I have kept for the last 3 years!). Whilst I am sad to leave behind the society I helped create, I am ready for bigger and better challenges and that’s where joining the exec comes in!
Having joined SSAGO originally as an Indie member and then forming a club at my own university I felt members officer was definitely the role for me. Guiding has always been a part of my life, being the third generation in the organisation, so obviously I was part of every section and then became a leader in my own right (plus I even spent a few years in Scouting just for good measure!). I have loved helping at my 2 Brownie packs whilst at university but being in SSAGO has truly allowed me that well needed break from studying and has allowed me to make loads of new friends (something I hope continues in my time as membership officer).
In my term as members officer I would like to introduce a buddy system for Indie members attending national events, ensure all membership is paid and support those clubs who may be struggling financially and just be a friendly face to all members.
I can’t wait to meet you all and continue my SSAGO journey!

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The Assistants

The Assistants, appointed by and working with the Exec, support the running of National SSAGO through filling specific roles and tasks needed to make SSAGO work


Joe Barnes

I’m Joe, currently studying a PhD in Biomedical Tissue Engineering at the University of Liverpool. I started in Scouting when I was six, and never left; I’ve been in Liverpool SSAGO for 6 years now, on committee for 2 of those and now I’ve stepped up to offer you the best merch around...

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Larah Korrison

I'm Larah and I'm your archivist.

I Joined The Scouts at 8 years old and never looked back, I had a lot of fun gained all sorts of skills and completed my top awards. I did my undergrad course in History at UWE, Bristol and a Masters in Archive Administration at Aberystwyth, I now work for a public body as a records and information officer.

My role is about looking after records and objects of historical value that belong to SSAGO, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of what we have include: minutes, published documentations, pictures, club reports, various magazines (Student Scout and Guide, Kudu, Kudu Notes, SSAGO Journal and SSAGO News). Our archive is both in digital and physical formats and continues to grow every year.

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Archivist (Incoming)

Charlotte Simmons

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I will be taking over the Archivist role. This is my fourth year in SSAGO, and my first as an Indie, having finished at Nottingham last year. Whilst at Nottingham I was involved with the archive that SNoGS run in conjunction with the University of Nottingham archives and really enjoyed it, and I believe it's important that clubs are supported to set up and run their own archives if this is something that they wish to do, as well as maintaining and building the national SSAGO archive. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in to this role and to working with members of SSAGO to build our records for future generations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions relating to archives either at a national or club level.

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Cornelia Schmitt

Hi, I’m Conni, and I’m probably one of SSAGO’s most international members: I am German, have done my undergrad degree in Ireland and am now living in the Netherlands. My first Rally was Chocolate Rally, which was AWESOME. And that is why I applied to become international officer: I loved taking part in SSAGO events as part of an international contingent and want to help others in experiencing this too! So if you’re an international student scout/guide wanting to come to an event, or an incoming exchange student who wants to know what this “SSAGO” thing is all about, or if you’re going abroad and are wondering if we know of any group you could join where you’re going – ask away! I will also try and see if any of the international groups would welcome a contingent of SSAGOers as guests at their camps (I can’t promise but: Irish Rover Intervarsities are some of the best camps you can imagine!).
A bit about me: I first came to scouting because I heard about Roverway and it sounded so great, I just had to participate – and I wasn’t disappointed, I absolutely loved the international atmosphere! And the Netherlands as a country too: Two years later I even moved here, and now I am studying electrical engineering at TU/e in Eindhoven. In my free time I do bouldering and Survival Run (a Dutch sport – think of a combination of Ninja Warrior and cross country running). I am addicted to badges (and as part of the badges-at-home team am helping run badges for SSAGOers to do during lockdown). So far I’ve attended three Rallies, one SSAGO goes Spoons and two other SSAGO camps. And I regularly do my grocery shopping using a unicycle.

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Oliver Bills

Hi, I'm Oli and I'm the webmaster for SSAGO. I'll primarily be looking after all the technology behind-the-scenes of SSAGO, while doing my best to support both National SSAGO, the Exec and SSAGO clubs and members in anything digital!

When I first found SSAGO at university, I'd never been involved in Scouting before, so this was a completely new experience but I immediately fell in love with SSAGO, Scouting and Guiding and found both a new home and a new obsession! Since then, SSAGO and Scouting has taken over my life, but I can honestly say it's been the best thing that's happened in my life so far - and that's thanks to all the lovely and wonderful people that make up SSAGO, Scouting and Guiding and the wonderful community I am now a part of.

As webmaster, I build and maintain all the various aspects of the website, from the membership and events system (and all those other new systems we seem to have needed, like the survey system or the murder mystery system...), to the scary parts behind the scenes that nobody else will ever see, such as the bits that make the emails work or projects and teams.

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Events Officer

Anthoney Gathercole

I'm Anthoney, I'm currently studying Forensic Genetics and Human Identification at Wolverhampton University. I have been involved in Scouting ever since I was 6 and have received my 5 year service award as a leader. I have been involved with many large scale camps in previous years being staff at scout camps such as Scarefest and Gilwell 24 and also been on Staff catering Team as well as being involved with organising district and international camps in the past. My role as Events officer is to assist with any issues regarding any events involving SSAGO be it at National, Regional or even at Club level from Fresher's Fayre to Rallies I'm here to help anyway possible.

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