The SSAGO Exec

Keeping National SSAGO turning

The chair

Anna Louise Duncan

Hello! I’m Anna and I’ll be your SSAGO Chair for 2016/2017.

I’m currently at Sheffield Hallam University studying Environmental Science, but I’m originally from Manchester. I joined SSAGO back in my first year after my older sister nagged me to. I remember going to the first meeting which was a get-together in the pub with free food, I stood outside for a while too scared to go in. I rang my sister who had been a part of Cardiff SSAGS and had loved every minute of it and wanted me to have the same experience. After half an hour of being stood outside I plucked up the courage to head in and I’ve never looked back! I don’t quite think my sister expected me to then go on and become Chair in the years to come, but that’s a different story.

As Chair, I want to ensure our links with Girlguiding and Scouting continue to grow and develop, I also want to increase the links between SSAGO clubs as teamwork can go along way and we can learn from each other. Finally, I want to make SSAGO simpler to run and be a part of by ensuring fact sheets are up-to-date and relevant and contain all the information you need!

The treasurer

Andrew Amey

Hi my name is Andrew Amey, I have been involved in Scouting since I was 14 years old. Now I am a Explorer Scout leader in the Birmingham Scout County and a Scout leader in the Wolverhampton East District. I currently study Sociology and politics at the University of Wolverhampton.

In January of my first year of university we started a Network society within the Union, however we ran into a number of issues and found SSAGO in March/April of 2014 since then I have chair the society.

During my time as SSAGO Treasurer I want to see alternative ways to encourage clubs to use the development fund in order to grow their society. Within this I will look at the method of applying and the awareness of the development fund. In addition to this, I would like to explore the idea of setting up a start up grant for new clubs who receive no financial support from their student union in order to purchase the needed supplies at the point of starting up. In addition to this I would like to set up a system to ensure membership fee's are paid swiftly.

The secretary

Ciara Bilings

Ciara is the Secretary. She is studying Speech Therapy in Manchester. Last year Ciara was the chair of Manchester SSAGO, as well as holding a few other exec roles in ManSSAGO along the way.

In Scouting, Ciara is a Scout Leader with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Scout and Guide Group, one of a small number of groups based in hospitals in the UK. Ciara has also attended international events as a participant such as the 2011 WSJ in Sweden as well as the 15th Nippon Jamboree in 2010. This year she will be going to Essex International Jamboree as a Sub Camp Team Member for the second time.

During her time as secretary this year Ciara hopes to work closely with Lloyd, the members officer, to create some more ties between Northern SSAGOs, learn to type really fast and write lots and lots of minutes that hopefully (!) make some sense to the rest of SSAGO not just the exec!

The publicity officer

Oli Bills

Oli took on the challenge of Publicity Officer, after previously having been the social secretary for Southampton SSAGO and the Webmaster for National SSAGO, developing the new SSAGO website and membership and events system. Having entered into Scouting for the first time through SSAGO, the realisation of how much SSAGO could change a person's life and open up whole new opportunities was the drive for Oli to want to make sure others also had this opportunity. He took on the challenge to attempt to spread the word of Student Scouting and Guiding: the community of friends it brings, the chance to make both memories and friends for a life time, and to gain and develop skills and experience that can then be shared with others, whether through SSAGO itself, or through becoming a leader in Scouting or Guiding. The challenge is to make sure that Scouts, Guides and people who have never been involved know that SSAGO exists and what they'd be missing out on by not getting involved!

During his time as publicity, Oli wants to help capture what SSAGO is and does and use this to promote ourselves and what our members achieve, promoting SSAGO news, building a newsletter for each event and making more use of Social Media. Furthermore, he wants to unlock the talent in SSAGO to form project teams to work on tasks such as the archive, media, and in doing larger scale events, such as SSAGO 48. Finally, he wants to further develop our relationship with Scouting and Guiding, get SSAGO members and SSAGO as a whole involved in more volunteering opportunities and help make the idea of a SSAGO Support unit a reality.

The membership officer

Lloyd Pearson

Lloyd is the membership office for SSAGO, he is an active member of Southampton SSAGO and is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Southampton. Over the past year, he was the Social Secretary for Southampton and am involved in planning the Dino Rally being run by Southampton in summer 2016.

Lloyd is also a member of Network, scout and explorer leader. He also helps plan other scouting related events such as Forest Evasion.

As membership officer, Lloyd would like to continue to grow SSAGO whilst ensuring the current base are kept happy and made stronger. I also aim to make the membership system more user-friendly by working with the web team.

The Exec Assistants


Vicky Sanderson

Vicky is the SSAGO Notifications Officer. As an active member of Lancaster SSAGO, she was part of the Exec that hosted Lancaster Superhero Rally in 2015, playing as Chef in the kitchen with her team of cottage pie making superheroes! Vicky graduated from Lancaster in July 2015 with a degree in History, moving back home to Wetherby in Yorkshire to study for a PGCE at the University of York, which she is now half way through. Vicky decided to run for Exec as she wanted to give something back to the Organisation which has given her so many awesome memories!

Vicky has been involved in Guiding since she was a Rainbow and they haven’t been able to get rid of her, sorry, she hasn’t wanted to leave since. A qualified Guide leader, she has been on numerous District camps and attended Poacher 2013 with her District. Last year she represented SSAGO at Peak, in Derbyshire, as a member of staff on the water sports team. Not wanting to miss out on the Scouting side of life, Vicky has been on a District Cub Camp and a District Scout Camp and secretly admits to enjoying them...

Vicky aims to continue to promote the opportunities SSAGO gives to societies and aims to continue to make the paperwork for going away as easy as possible.


Dale Patrick

Hi, I'm Dale, your new SSAGO Quartermaster! I've been SSAGOing for many a year, having spent much of my money on whiskey and beer. But now I'm returning to ensure you all get the exciting SSAGO clothing and branded items you could ever hope or wish for (and some you may never have thought of...). This year, I will be adding new lines to the catalogue and all clothing and neckers can now be customised!