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Gadaffy Plate

The Commemorative plate was gifted by the Scouts of Libya to representatives of SSAGO at the 1984 Witan held in Florence, Italy. It was originally from the African Scout Jamboree held in Libya 1982 and was presented as a mark of friendship.

Instead of gathering dust and getting lost it is used as a challenge trophy, contested between the holders and any other club.

The rules of the competition are as follows:
1. The challenge shall be any event nominated by the challengers, for which winners can be judged.
2. Teams shall consist of 4 members of mixed sexes
3. The majority of each team shall be from the participating club
4. If a challenge is made and the holding team are unable to meet this challenge, the plate is then forfeited to the challengers
5. The event shall be judged by a referee independent of either club
6. Team members are only allowed to wear swimming costumes with paper bags over their heads
7. Challenges shall be formally and publicly made at least 12 hours prior to the event, stating the nature of the event
8. The referee must decide the competition is fair, decide the winning team and their decision is final, especially when wrong.
9. The referee must live for at least 24 hours after the event
10. The challenging team must supply all the equipment for the challenge
11. The plate cannot be held to ransom!

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06/2022 Lancaster Wrap Battle, Lancaster vs Liverpool
02/2020 Lancaster Sandwich relay
02/2019 Portsmouth SSAGO Portsmouth challenged and beat BUGS to the 'Cereal Box' game, where each team has to pick up, without using their hands, a decreasing in size cereal box.
06/2018 Bath BUGS Bath vs. National Exec: 5-a-side football match (Cambridge Duck Rally)
06/2018 National Exec Cambridge vs. National Exec: Punt Joust
02/2018 National Exec National Exec vs Aberystwyth: The Duckings Game
11/2017 National Exec Southampton SSAGO vs. National Exec: Get Your Own Back 90s TV gameshow competition (90s Rally)
09/2017 National Exec Nottingham SNOGS vs National Exec: Wheelless Chariot Race
06/2017 National Exec National Exec vs National Assistants: Get the other team as wet as possible!
06/2016 Lancaster Unknown
02/2016 Lancaster Lancaster vs. Rally: Wallace and Grommit Silly Games
07/2014 Nottingham Unknown
11/2013 Nottingham Sheffield vs. Nottingham: Silly Games
02/2013 Sheffield Stings Silly Games
11/2012 Nottingham Unknown
07/2011 Lancaster Sandcastle Building Competition
11/2010 Loughborough Silly Games
11/2008 St. Andrews It's a Knock Out
11/2006 Aberdeen Poison
11/2004 Manchester Extreme Bam Dancing
02/2004 Manchester Giant Jenga
11/2003 Manchester Eating Relay
08/2002 Loughborough Loughborough vs. Leicester: Chocolate Chop-stick Competition
07/2000 Loughborough Aberystwyth Vs. Challengers Leeds & Other clubs participated: Bear rescue
06/1997 Bath BUGS Oxford Vs. Bath (BUGS): Behind-the-back knot tying
03/1991 Cambridge Glasgow Vs. Cambridge: Table rotation
11/1986 Liverpool Salfrod Vs. Liverpool: Woggle plating relay
03/1986 Salford Salford Vs. Liverpool: Boat Race
03/1986 Salford Salford VS. Birmingham: 6-a-side rolling game
03/1986 Salford Liverpool vs. Salford: Pub Games
06/1985 Liverpool Bath vs. Liverpool: 7 a-side tug of war
06/1985 Liverpool Liverpool vs. Birmingham: Relay Race