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Committee Colander

The SciJam Committee

Liverpool Universities' SSAGO

Awarded Saturday 30th of April 2022

The second-ever SSAGO Committee Colander was awarded to Liverpool University SSAGO's SciJam Committee.

The 2022 winner of the Committee Colander was the committee for SciJam, an annual Science Jamboree run by Liverpool University SSAGO (LUSSAGO). Despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, the committee developed 'SciJam in a Box', which involved creating, testing, packing and delivering science activity boxes for over 1200 Beavers/Rainbows and Cubs/Brownies.

With a small army of volunteers, the team spent over three days packing boxes and figuring out the logistics of delivering 120 boxes across Merseyside and Cheshire and posting the rest. Despite many delays to items arriving and almost half the Committee catching COVID over packing days, every box was delivered successfully, and 1530 young people and leaders have successfully earned their SciJam 2021 badge!

The boxes contained a variety of experiments devised by University of Liverpool societies: LUMOS (Marine Biology and Oceanography), Physics Outreach and Life Sciences Outreach (and thoroughly risk assessed by LUSSAGO!) Some highlights of the experiments included are:
Simulating the depths of the oceans to understand how and why sea creatures adapt.
Creating light-up LED greeting cards and learning how circuits work.
Growing different types of herbs and analysing how they all grow differently.

In total, they delivered over 1000 LEDs, 2500 plant pots and 900 universal tubes! With four months of planning and glowing feedback from section leaders, the SciJam Committee should be very proud of the event they ran under such challenging circumstances.