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About Us

Lancaster SSAGO is a medium-sized and very friendly club which is open to any students from Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria. We do something fun every Tuesday night like films in the campus cinema, scavenger challenges, bowling and board games - after the exciting bits we usually go and have a quiet drink in a college bar.

We organise 2 camps a year: a weekend Freshers' Camp in November and a whole week Summer Camp in the penultimate week of the year. We also do an alumni sleepover in a scout hut in Lancaster in Lent term where we meet up with our graduate friends!

We're all lovely and if you want to know more then just email us or find us on facebook :)

Our universities

Our members

We currently have 30 active members.

Our current chair is Joseph Richardson.

Our mascots

ShiT (Tim around children) is a big red woollen spider with pipe-cleaner legs, he is very old and wise and fragile which makes him completely unstealable. You will meet with significant resistance if you attempt to take him.

ShiT's babies are stealable, they're much smaller multi-coloured pom-pom spiders and are carried by Lancaster SSAGO members.

We're not huge fans of mascot stealing because we lovingly make our own mini-ShiTs so please be nice to us.

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