Publicity Officer

Beatrice Overend

Liverpool Universities' SSAGO

Who Am I?

Hello - I’m Bee (or Beatrice - I don’t mind) and I’m currently in my first year of a PhD in crop genetic improvement at Liverpool Uni. This means I’m part of the fabulous LUSSAGO. I’ve been in Guiding since I was a Rainbow at age 5 and am now a Rainbow leader as well as recently being roped into helping run an Explorer Scout unit. I am also currently one of the Co-Chairs for CentenaRally as well as the Volunteering Officer for Girlguiding for LUSSAGO. I’m not just all about SSAGO though - I’m also a keen musician having played in the Liverpool Uni Music Society for the last 5 years and held multiple different committee and ensemble leader roles during that time. During the very last of my free time I also enjoy sailing and anything outdoorsy involving water

Why I want to run for publicity:

I would like to be the next publicity officer for National SSAGO as I would like to help clubs connect better and collaborate as well as improving SSAGO’s public profile. Through the use of social media I would like to help new members find us and help retain the current members we have. I have loved my time in SSAGO so far and by running for exec would be able to help others also enjoy and experience SSAGO. When I first joined uni it took me until my third year to find out about SSAGO - as publicity officer I want to help as many people find out about us and join in their first year as we can!

As publicity officer I would like to achieve the following:

  • Continue to maintain the social media channels for SSAGO and create content that engages our members and promotes interaction from wider Scouting and Guiding members.
  • Use the media team to give members opportunities to put their hobbies and interests into practice whilst creating great content for SSAGO through photography, video editing, and blog writing.
  • Create and distribute new publicity material to clubs that can be used at freshers fairs and outreach events in order to entice new members.
  • Continue with the ongoing work to restart the SSAGO support team and ensure people are aware this project exists.
  • Contact brands that relate to SSAGO to allow SSAGO members to enjoy perks again such as discounts at brands or free prizes for the events we run. This was something I was able to achieve with Access Expedition Kit for CentenaRally to allow us to give out some great worthwhile prizes at our pram race.
  • Design new exciting merch lines and work with the Quartermaster to get these into the SSAGO Shop.

Other skills I have that are useful:

  • I drive and own a car (that's green!) so am able to help carry SSAGO equipment. This also means I can easily get to and attend events in order to publicise SSAGO.
  • I’m happy to drive minibusses so can help rallies and events out with driving. This would also be useful for getting members to SSAGO support events
  • I have a really loud voice - great for making sure people hear about SSAGO
  • I am part of a community outreach project working with 14-16 year olds as part of my PhD project and therefore have an insight into what out future members want and enjoy
  • I’m a first year PhD student and therefore have 5 years of experience being a student and still another 3 years to go!
  • I’m not afraid to look stupid … I did once make 2 neckers into a top for Womball!

What skills do I have that will make me a great publicity officer:

  • I’m a very outgoing person and am often described as being very chatty. As publicity officer this would allow me to talk with people about SSAGO at Guiding and Scouting events in order to let people know who we are and what we do.
  • I’m an active Guide and Scout leader in Merseyside and have just gained a new role helping with merchandise development and income from external sources for Girlguiding North West England. These roles will allow me to actively publicise SSAGO throughout my day to day life to the wider Scouting and Guiding community.
  • As far as my ability to design social media content goes, I’m competent in using both Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud to design posts as well as film and photography (a hobby I very much enjoy). I am currently helping run the CentenaRally social media pages after our publicity officer stepped down, have maintained social media channels for multiple university societies, our Explorer unit, and have previously used my own Instagram to work with brands.
  • I can also use multiple video editing softwares to create TikToks and YouTube videos and have previously done so.
  • Furthermore, merch design is something I am confident with having rebranded and designed merch for LUSSAGO, as well as having designed most of the merch for CentenaRally including the phenomenal SPARKLY NECKER!
  • I have also been the External Communications and Outreach Officer for Liverpool University Music Society which meant working with external companies to the University in order to find new opportunities for the society and publicise the ensembles we have. This role also involved designing and ordering the merch for nearly 100 people!
If you vote for me I will try my best to keep SSAGO looking good, the members up to date with what's going on in SSAGO and keeping members looking great at events wherever they are with great looking merch! I will actively attend events in order to publicise SSAGO and work on outreach projects in order to grow our membership!

Some of my examples