Forest Evasion Booking Open!

Lloyd Pearson (Southampton SSAGO)

Monday 20th of March 2017

Forest Evasion is an annual competition that allows you to evade capture in teams of 4-7 or be the catcher.

Forest Evasion is an annual competition with the aim of meeting and interacting with other like-minded clubs. 2017 will be the 5th year the competition has run. 

The Competition

Evasion is a 24-hour competition designed to appeal to outdoor societies, Scout Networks and SSAGO clubs with teams of 'Evaders' (4-7 people) or 'Catchers' (working in pairs or as a team). The Evaders' task is to navigate between a number of given checkpoints while the Catchers attempt to find them. Each time a catching team catches an evading team they gain points and the Evaders lose a life. Ultimately the teams with the most lives or the most points after 24 hours are the winners.

When is it?

In 2017 the competition will take place on the weekend of 21st-23rd April, with the actual competition taking place on the Saturday - Sunday


This year we're really excited to be going to somewhere new, Thetford Forest, a beautiful location which presents a great competition area. Following on from 2 years in the New Forest and 2 years in the Forest of Dean we thought it time to try somewhere new.

How much does it cost?

The cost for this year's competition will be £12.50 per person which includes overnight camping at Two Mile Bottom Campsite, a badge and some minimal (but delicious) snacks along the route. It also covers hiring the forest. We have tried to reduce costs as much as we can and we do not aim to make any profit from the event.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for 2017 is now live!!! Simply fill out the form online at or download and email it back to and you'll be ready to go. Sign up closes on the 9th April.