Membership Officer Election Results

National SSAGO

Friday 4th of October 2019

Following the elections of the new Membership Officer, we are excited to announce the election of Thomas Webster as the new Membership Officer.

Following the results of the election, we can confirm that Thomas Webster of Indie is the new Membership Officer and will be joining Team Pink.

Thomas writes, "I'm really excited that you've chosen me to be your members officer. I look forward to spending the rest of the time working with you and the rest of the exec to grow SSAGO. Coming to the end of fresher's and the towards the annual membership submission is a busy time for clubs and I'm ready to dive in and support clubs with their new members. If you've got any questions or suggestions send me an email or find me at an event."

You can take a look at Toms' manifesto here and what he intends to achieve as a member of Team Pink.

The full results breakdown was as follows:

Thomas Webster: 56
Anona Mann: 30
Ryan Parry: 14
John Clarke: 12
Re-open Nominations: 1
Total votes: 113

A big thank you to everyone who nominated and ran in these elections and to everyone who took part and voted and made their voice heard.