Celebrating 1 Year of Virtual SSAGO: 5 days of over 30 activities

Oli Bills (Southampton SSAGO)

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

On this day last year, Virtual SSAGO was born! SSAGO set up the National SSAGO Discord Server (SSAGO Chat) to bring everyone together virtually where we couldn't meet physically. For the next 5 days, we celebrate all that Virtual SSAGO has become since then!

On this day last year, Virtual SSAGO was born! SSAGO set up the National SSAGO Discord Server (SSAGO Chat) to bring everyone together virtually where we couldn't meet physically.

Before long, this saw rise to events being run by SSAGO for SSAGO and the formation of various SSAGO projects to see everyone through what has been an incredibly challenging year. We saw SSAGO keep each other fit and healthy through Get Active, learn new things and share them with each other through Badges at Home or build their dreams in the SSAGO Minecraft.

We've seen people share their hobbies and interests with each other, from arts and crafts and photography to baking and cooking to video and board games. We've seen people combine their efforts to create great things, like the SSAGO Podcast or the SSAGO Musical. We've seen people work to run amazing events for other SSAGoers from quizzes, Skribbl, GeoGuessr and Golf to larger events including the Easter Egg Hunt (due to return this year!), Virtual Witan, Build-a-Rally, Scot North, Step into Christmas and most recently Green Rally Yellow Rally!

What a year it has been!

Virtual SSAGO Celebration Starts Tonight at 19:30

To celebrate this, kicking offToday at 19:30there will be a special liveVirtual SSAGO Anniversary Launchevent to take a look back at the past year and to celebrate all that SSAGO has achieved. We've put together a special presentation to show how special SSAGO and every member truly is and we hope you can join us tonight.

This will be held on Zoom and to join, just head tohttps://virtualssago.ssago.org at 19:30 this evening and be a part of something truly special!

5 Days and Over 30 Activities - Build your Own Virtual Programme!

Following this, there are 5 days with over 30 activities, with every part of Virtual SSAGO coming together in one weekend. People from across SSAGO have come together to show you the very best thatVirtual SSAGO has to offer and to make your weekend truly special.

From cooking and baking to gaming and making to getting active and aching to exploring and escaping, there really is something for everyone.

Just head to https://virtualssago.ssago.org/pages/activities and build your programme for the weekend!

All these activities will take place or start off on the Zoom, with the link being available at https://virtualssago.ssago.org

Even if you haven't signed up, feel free to drop in and out ofanything and everything that takes your fancy this weekend!

Plus an exciting badge to earn!

Over the next 5 days and beyond, you'll be able to work towards and earn your Celebrating Virtual SSAGO Anniversary Badge!

This special badge will be available in physical form for those who celebrate with us - starting off with tonight! Try some new things, enjoy the activities, make new friends and most importantly: Have a great time!


Thank you!

A massive thank you has to be said to every SSAGOer who has volunteered their time to run or support a project, an activity, an event or just in supporting each other over the past year.

Furthermore, on behalf of Team Pink, the Virtual Team and all the SSAGO Volunteers who have made Virtual SSAGO special we thankyou, for making and keeping SSAGO at it's very best and we hope to see you there tonight and over the next 5 days!