SSAGO Commendations 2022

The National SSAGO Exec

Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Team Pink are pleased to announce the winners of SSAGO's first-ever collection of Commendations.

This year marked the introduction of SSAGO Commendations, additional awards which recognise the commitment of members to individual aspects of SSAGO (for example, events, volunteering projects and activities). The winners of each SSAGO Commendation are listed below.

Best (Local) Event - DUSAGG Midnight Madness

This commendation was won by DUSAGG, the SSAGO club at Durham University, for their night-time hike for local Explorers and Rangers. It was the first major County Durham event since the Covid-19 Pandemic started, and lots of hard work went into planning it! The award was collected by Ben Dickinson during the Once Upon A Ball awards ceremony.

Best Volunteering - Rose Moran

Rose Moran, from Keele SSAGO, won this year's Best Volunteering Commendation. As an Explorer Leader, a Guide Leader and National SSAGO's Members' Officer, Rose has dedicated lots of time to Scouting and Guiding over the past year! She's currently on two committees in addition to being a National Exec member, ran Midlands Freshers Camp and recently organised food for SSAGO members for Isle of Wight Revolution. Rose's nominator even said "I honestly wonder how she's got time to do all this"!

Best Activity - Keele SSAGO Apocalypse Cooking

Keele SSAGO's Apocalypse Cooking event won the Best Activity Commendation. Each attendee would bring in a random can of food, and members would work together to cook a meal using a combination of every item! The event was actually organised by a Fresher, Rhodri Silcocks, who collected the commendation at Once Upon A Ball. The feedback provided by attendees was excellent, and Team Pink were impressed by the creativity of the Apocalypse Cooking concept.

Special Mention - Jessica Shire

Jess won the Special Mention Commendation for being a popular and friendly member of SSAGO who brightens the day of others. She has consistently made other SSAGO members laugh, such as when she removed crackers from a roof using a mop at Viking Rally 2021.

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year's SSAGO Commendations!