Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

Ben Dickinson

Hi, I'm Ben, I'm currently in my third year studying maths at Durham! I have been in scouting since Beavers and never left. I have been in SSAGO for just over 2 years and have been on DUSAGG's committee for both of those! I was also Publicity Officer for Viking Rally, which if you haven't heard about, I'm sure Bjørn will tell you about. Outside of SSAGO, I am a member of SAGGA, an Explorer Scout Leader and District Scout Network Commissioner, among other roles.
As Active Support Officer, I am responsible for maintaining everyone's compass records, ensuring everyone has the necessary DBS checks and other compass related things. Feel free to contact me if you have something to discuss!
I have also taken over Interim Members' Officer until we elect a new one. This involves taking care of our members, answering questions from clubs, and generally helping the rest of exec. Any emails to will come through to me while I have this role, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


June 2023


  • SASU Membership: I am continuing to add people to the SASU, processing DBSs and training. Please do let me know if you want to be added to the SASU.
  • SSAGO Membership: The majority of clubs have now submitted and paid their membership, there are a couple left to pay - if this is you please get this sorted soon!
  • AGM: I have been working with the Returning Officer and James to sort out this year's AGM.


  • SASU Membership: I will be keeping the SASU membership up to date, adding and removing people as required, and ensuring people do their training!
  • Membership: I will be finishing up membership ahead of handover, chasing up the last few clubs left to pay.
  • Handover: Hopefully I will be working on handover soon for Members' Officer.

April 2023


  • Mascot: I now have a mascot - Darren (or Daz) the Naked Mole Rat. I'm not too sure how I ended up with this as a mascot but here we are!
  • Compass: I have spent some time learning how to use compass, completing my training etc.


  • SASU Membership: I need to work with the rest of Team Pink to decide exactly who is and isn't a member of the SASU. I also plan to clear out members who should no longer be on there.
  • DBS Checks: I will work with The Scout Association on the DBS requirements for members of the SASU.

October 2022


  • Getting Started: I have just started the role, I had my introduction meeting and look forward to starting everything!


  • Mascot: I need to find a mascot (suggestions welcome)
  • Compass: I will probably spend a decent amount of time working out how compass actually works!