Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

James Barber

Hi, I'm James and I'm the Chair of SSAGO for 2023-24. I've been a LUSSAGO member for the last couple of years, on the committee for CentenaRally, run a few national/regional events and starting SSROB: the SSAGO Strategic Rail Operations Branch. My main goal for this year is to help SSAGO stay on course through the ongoing Cost of Living crisis as well as reopening the dialogue on how/if SSAGO should proceed with becoming a charity.

My door's always open for new ideas/suggestions, and please come and say hello at rally or ball (as long as I've had a coffee 😉).


April 2023


  • Saying hello: we've had our first Team Pink meeting with both Execs and are beginning to have other meetings/introductions.


  • Secure SSAGO's Financial Position: work to establish a robust plan to make SSAGO's accounting procedures better and work with a new treasurer to resolve other issues.
  • Develop a Charity Timeline: publish a transparent timeline for SSAGO becoming a charity within the first 100 days of office (07/08/2023).
  • Relaunch the SSAGO Shop: work with the Quartermaster to relaunch the SSAGO Shop within the first 100 days of office (07/08/2023).