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Strath SSAGO

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About Us

We are the new Strath SSAGO! Made up of Strathy students and any other SSAGOers in the East End of Glasgow! Established 2020.

Our club

We are the brand new Strath SSAGO, formed March 2020, made up of Strachclyde students or other students living in the east end of Glasgow!!

We are open to absolutely anyone with an interest in camping, making friends, and trying new things - we also look good on your CV if you get involved with some of our volunteering as well!! There is no need to have been a Scout or Guide before to be part of SSAGO.

Throughout the year we have 4 National Events (3 camps and a Ball), 1 Regional event as well as many other SSAGO support events across the country, all of which we try to make affordable on a student budget. These provide the chance to escape from the stress of uni for a weekend, and let you have a bit of fun.

We meet weekly, and are planning a range of activities for the first term, including a trip/rally down in Southampton in November - as well as the occasional night out (post-covid)!!

Membership for the year costs £10 and includes a brand new Strath SSAGO neckie!!

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We currently have 0 active members.

Our mascots

Tennent is our stealable mascot named after a local delicacy that is close to every student's heart. As of right now, he is sat opposite Tennents with two tinnys taped to his inner!

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