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SSAGO Resources

Here you can find any SSAGO resources such as information documents, forms and leaflets.

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Sub categories


Agendas for upcoming and previous Reps meetings, please see each seperate agenda for further information.

Club Reports

What's going on at club level throughout the year.

Club Resources

Useful resources for clubs, such as information, publicity resources and other materials that may come in useful for clubs.


The SSAGO constitution defines what the Student Scout and Guide Organisation is and the rules that it abides by. It specifies what is required of members, the executive committee and how the organisation should be run. Anything stated in the constitution must be adhered to.

Any changes to the constitution must go through the membership at a conference (either an AGM or a specifically organised EGM) and at least 4 weeks notice of any proposed changes must be given to the membership.


Past elections results and manifestos


Information and feedback on National SSAGO events


SSAGO factsheets are designed to provide recommendations and guidance for SSAGO members, they are not policy. They aim to answer questions for members to aid the smooth running of both individual clubs and the whole organisation.


Electronic copies for SSAGO forms


Minutes of SSAGO Executive Meetings, AGM and EGMs and Reps Meetings are public and are published online within two weeks of the meeting for members to read.
This folder also contains the results of the online portion of Reps meetings, and the response from the Exec, in more recent years.


The SSAGO policy documents outline SSAGO policy in areas where guidance and further explanation is required. These aim to clearly set out rules and regulations for all members to view and must be adhered to.

Any new policy documents or changes to existing ones must be voted on by the SSAGO full committee (reps). At least two weeks notice of any changes or new documents must be given to the membership. The current policy documents can be found in the resources section of the SSAGO website.


Publicity resources for National SSAGO and clubs.

If you'd like help printing your resources or addressing any other enquiries, feel free to contact!


Reports and survey results undertaken by the SSAGO membership