Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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The Exec

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Adele Upton

What I've done
    What I'm working on
    • Get SSAGO and all events through Covid-19 (not part of my original plan but hey-ho!)
    • Create a buddy system for both new and established clubs, as well as between events.
    • Work with the events officer to optimise their role and capture event knowledge.
    • Utilise SSAGO’s skills to create a volunteer staff scheme and teach each other new things
    • Resurrect more relevant SSAGO projects, such as focussing on making SSAGO more sustainable.
    • Promote SSAGO’s uniqueness to grow membership!
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    Brittany Long

    What I've done
      What I'm working on
      • Send out an updated full membership survey
      • Come up with a plan for sorting through the policy documents and getting them updated.
      • Work with Larah to get the SSAGO google drives in a more manageable state.
      • Get in touch with clubs and reps to compile a thorough list of everything SSAGO do for Guiding and Scouting, and hopefully use this to form the base of a new strong relationship!
      • Work with Oli to get to new SSAGO knowledge base ready to go
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      Madeleine Brett

      What I've done
        What I'm working on
        • List of what has and hasn’t been approved for the dev fund: make it easy for club to see what has been accepted and also what has been rejected and why.
        • Set up accounting software to help with accounts: continue preparation for SSAGO to become a charity
        • Update the rally budget form and write a clear and easy guide to rally finance to help rally committees
        • Add another bank account for the shop to easily keep track of spending and profit
        • Produce more statistics and fun visual aids for finances so it’s easier for people to see what ssago spends its money on
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        Reuben Cone

        What I've done
        • Creation of SSAGO badge programme: The designs of National Event badges, SSAGO Support badges, International badge have now all been finalised and passed on to the webmaster for putting on the website. The SSAGO Clubs challenge badge has been awarded to PUGS who will be giving their ideas at Autumn Reps.
        • SSAGO social media: I scraped filming a new video idea. Instead focusing my efforts on the social media content. For our social media platforms I have: With help from Archivist produced series of content with items from archive, decluttered following lists on Instagram and Twitter, produced a short ad for Results Day, wrote News article for Scot Rally and Gilwell 24, collated stories from Freshers Camps, pushed clubs freshers stalls, made a few memes, and much more!
        • Helping Clubs: I recently sent all clubs a bespoke email with advice on their social media and website. I also managed the distribution of Publicity Packs and SSAGO publicity materials over the Freshers period. I am also helping the events with their badges.
        • SSAGO Supports: I managed our presence at Gilwell 24 which was an overwhelming success. Work included producing new banners and flags beforehand, writing a quiz, creating a 24 music playlist and staying awake for 24+ hours. I also went to Waddow Hall for Wellies and Wristbands where I lost a tire along the way. Badges are on order.
        • Scouting and Guiding: Tried to get us featured in Scouting and Guiding Media. For the Scouts we got featured in the membership email and post on social media regarding clubs at universities. I have yet to sort anything out with the Guides. Also attended Gilwell Reunion.
        What I'm working on
        • Produce new publicity materials, for download online and in the form of publicity packs for collection at Survival Rally.
        • Help keep SSAGO fun whilst we get through the lockdown with lots of online content.
        • Support my fellow Exec members in their first few months, and create my own plan for the upcoming year especially as it will be like no other.
        • Get the badge system in place and get some badges ordered!
        • Attend Wellies and Wristbands (if they’re still happening) and do lots of SSAGO promotion online and in real life.
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        Amy Franklin

        What I've done
          What I'm working on
          • Introduce a buddy system so Indie members can be connected with an experienced SSAGO member before a national event to make it less intimidating
          • Be there to support clubs with any issues they may have, particularly in the current situation
          • Support clubs with finding their new committee for the next academic year when needed
          • Work with the Indie rep, Associate rep and International Officer to achieve their goals
          • Be a point of contact for all members to support them through the current uncertainty and try to keep morale high!

          The Assistants

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          Joe Barnes

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          Larah Korrison

          What I'm working on
          • Grow the archives:
          • Promote the archives:
          • Online repository: Work on the online repository which will allow everyone to browse the collection
          • Memories page: Work on a memory submission page, where members can submit a bio about their time in SSAGO and donate photos
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          Harriet Bell


          Oliver Bills

          What I've done
          • Virtual SSAGO: Setting up the Virtual SSAGO infrastructure, including the SSAGO Discord and Virtual SSAGO section of the website
          • Badges at Home: Setting up the SSAGO Badges at Home programme, along with online badge challenges and events
          • SSAGO Minecraft: Supporting setting up the SSAGO Minecraft Server, linking to SSAGO and launching Minecraft Mondays
          • Supporting Clubs Virtually: Supporting clubs virtually with virtual infrastructure, such as Zoom, Discord, online Elections and AGMs and similar functionality
          • Virtual SSAGO Events: Supporting and running various virtual SSAGO events, from Easter Egg Hunts to Jackbox evenings to helping members run their own events, such as St. Georges Day and Quizes
          • Team Pink: Working to make more parts of the Team Pink system easy to use for the new Exec
          What I'm working on
          • Archive: Continuing to work with Larah to launch more of the Archive parts of the website online
          • Virtual SSAGO: More Virtual SSAGO activities, events, infrastructure and helping clubs make use of what SSAGO can provide
          • Virtual Badges: Continue to support virtual events and Badges at home with Virtual Badges on the website and the launch of the virtual camp blanket
          • Exciting Plans: Continue to work with Reuben on some very exciting plans to come!

          Events Officer

          Anthoney Gathercole