Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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Adele Upton

What I've done
  • Back to University and Reps: Return to university meant I had an abundance of coronavirus related risk assessments to read! Luckily everyone seems well trained in writing risk assessments as the quality of them was excellent.
  • A lot of admin, meetings and emails: I won’t bore you with the details but in summary it included getting more info for Coronavirus guidance (who’s surprised), contacting SAGGA, GDPR related challenges, more risk assessments and so on.
  • Policies: I also updated two policies, Accident and Incident Reporting and Electioneering Code of Conduct.
  • Coronavirus: Another month, another lockdown, which means releasing more guidance about Covid-19!
  • Under 18s: As some of you may have seen, I investigate responded to an issue related to under 18s on the discord (thankfully of which there are none!)
  • Events: I also supported Build-a-Rally before and during their event, hopefully some of you would have finally got to see my face at the closing ceremony! I also attended a ‘Meet the Exec’ session during Build a rally and had some fun chats with some of our members. We ran this session to improve the communication between Exec and SSAGO. Well done to the committee for running a fabulous event! I have also continued to have meetings with our future events to help them run the best events they can. Unfortunately this has meant cancelling City of Steel Ball and moving GRYR online.
What I'm working on
  • Rally Feedback: Work with Build-A-Rally and the Events Officer to find out what worked well and what could be improved for future online events. I’m keen to use the fact we actually had an event to start this buddy system I’ve been going on about!
  • Charity Status: Create a step by step guide on how to become a charity
  • Policies: Continue to update policies
  • Discord: Starting a sustainability channel on the discord – starting with a Christmas theme

Last updated 22/11/2020, 10:32

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Brittany Long

What I've done
  • Meetings and Minutes: Attended a lot ot these. All minutes of meetings are on the website.
  • Coronavirus: Help Adele to update our guidance. Read and responded to a lot of risk assessments as clubs started back up in September and October, and replied to various other queries.
  • Reps: Worked incredibly hard to get the September Reps online in record time!
  • Events Facebook Group: I’ve set up a new Facebook group for all current events. The idea of this is that as time passes, new event committees can ask questions there and receive answers from previous events to improve SSAGO’s knowledge sharing and to take some pressure off the Exec!
  • SSAGO Google Drive: Worked with Larah to tidy up the Google Drive and make our lives a lot easier behind the scenes.
  • Club Reports: Updated some mislabelled old reports, and am now working with Larah and Oli to make Reports searchable by club. Due to the nature of the old reports this will require a lot of manual work but hopefully the outcome will be worth it!
  • Reps resources: Finally decided on a sensible location for Reps related items on the website. All items to do with reps (Team Pink reports, Club reports, voting results etc.) will now be found under the relevant Minutes folder for that meeting.
  • Factsheets: My new project is to update the factsheets, as most of them are outdated and a nightmare to trawl through. I’ve tried to add subfolders in the Factsheet area to make it easier to navigate - let me know if that’s helpful or not, I can always change it back! I’m also starting to compile ‘lessons learned’ from previous events into one Best Practice Guidance documents to provide once clear place committees can go to see what has worked well in the past.
What I'm working on
  • Guiding and Scouting Relations: Organising a meeting with the organisations, and compiling a thorough list of everything SSAGO clubs do for Guiding and Scouting.
  • SSAGO Survey: Produce a ‘what went well’ document for the SSAGO survey to aid any future Execs who may want to do another one.
  • Online Events: Work with Build-A-Rally to build their feedback survey and collect the lessons learned from them and the online Freshers Events to take forward to future online events.
  • Club Reports: Work with Larah to make your club's Club Reports easier to find
  • Factsheets: Continuing to update Factsheets and hopefully make some new ones!

Last updated 21/11/2020, 13:58

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Madeleine Brett

What I've done
  • SSAGO Online: Spending on the discord, zoom and online activities has continued. We have added a second zoom account due to demand. Current spending is at about £65- £75 a month.
  • Lloyds account: I now have access to the Lloyds account and hope to get a card running on that account soon. This will be used for purchasing shop stock and paying for online SSAGO subscriptions.
  • Insurance: Brittany handed over insurance to me
  • Accounts: I have continued to work on the accounts ready for the AGM.
  • Misc: Met with some events committees, started making a breakdown of where your membership fees go, and I took a break from SSAGO to recover from illness.
What I'm working on
  • Polices: I need to finish making changes to the policies I have been working on to hopefully get a few more updates through
  • Accounts: Getting everything ready for AGM
  • Membership: Work with Amy to ensure club memberships are paid. Email to clubs will be out shortly and if your club is having problems paying for membership this year please contact exec.
  • Pride project: I am still looking for people to help lead this, please email me if you are interested
  • Handover: Update the handover document with more guidance and include the Lloyds account information

Last updated 21/11/2020, 20:42

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Reuben Cone

What I've done
  • Social Media: As requested by Reps I produced a load of Social Media posts outlining what Team had been up to before the last Reps meeting. In a bid to help people understand more about what we do. There’s also been promotion of Build-A-Rally and the Indie and Associate Rep Elections
  • Resources: Uploaded new photographs, all the flyer designs, pull up banners, sail flags and rectangle banner designs.
  • Spoons badges: First two batches (about 90%) of badges have been sent out - many, many parcels and envelopes have been sent out.
  • Archives: We’ve had some social media posts from the archives but most significantly I’ve helped Larah to update the History page on the website.
  • Misc: Lead a review of the Branding and Publicity policy, checked some Risk Assessments, met with some of the Event Committees and a couple of news articles produced here and there.
What I'm working on
  • Restarting the media team: As some of you will be very pleased to hear, I can’t be Publicity Officer forever. I’ll be setting up the Media Team again, to allow creative people to contribute to SSAGO’s publicity.
  • Policies: I want to continue to look at SSAGO’s current policies and hopefully help push a few more updates through.
  • Social Media: I hope to continue to produce SM content over Christmas and we’ll hopefully run a new “World Cup Of”
  • Handover: I want to be leaving the Publicity Officer role in a good state and have a nice transition for whoever my predecessor is. Lots of good ideas haven't happened this year (badges) so I hope to spend the next few months writing a killer handover document and collating my ideas.

Last updated 13/11/2020, 21:43

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Amy Franklin

What I've done
  • Indie and Associate Rep Elections: After a very unprecedented and drawn out election I finally managed to elect new Indie and Associate Reps! I have had handover meetings with both and I am very excited by their plans for the year
  • New year, new members: September/October was a busy time for SSAGO with recruitment working differently for many clubs. I took this opportunity to ensure all new members were informed about SSAGO as a whole by adapting the “New Club Welcome Pack” and creating the “New Members Welcome Pack”. This pack gives an in depth overview of SSAGO and how it works and who to contact. It was sent to all new members who joined in September/October
  • Virtual SSAGO: As is the new normal virtual SSAGO has become a big part of my role. I have taken part in events including Build-a-rally and giving a talk about National to SSAGO at the League of Midlands Virtual Fresher’s event. I have also helped support members create their own virtual events such as the SSAGO Bookswap and the new National SSAGO Secret Santa. I also continue to be active on the SSAGO discord and have particularly enjoyed the activities provided by the new Indie Rep
  • Reps/survey follow-up: After the last Reps meeting and following on from the Full Members Survey I checked in with clubs who expressed concerns about the new academic year and recruitment. I also answered several general queries and misunderstandings that arose.
  • Queries/issues: Having everything online has come with a new set of challenges from communication to general technical issues. I have, along with the rest of the Exec, taken each challenge as it comes and tried to come to reasonable solutions
What I'm working on
  • Membership Fees: Unfortunately it is coming to that time of year where I will be chasing clubs to pay their National Membership Fees. I will be working alongside the Treasurer to ensure the logic behind these fees is communicated and that the process of paying them is clear and smooth
  • International Officer: Now the Indie/Associate elections are out of the way I will begin the recruitment process for a new International Officer.
  • Record Management: I have recently noticed that some members details on the website aren’t accurate/up-to-date so I will be ensuring clubs/individuals are monitoring and updating their details as required, particularly with Membership looming. I will also be working with the new Indie/Associate Reps helping them keep on top of their memberships
  • New Clubs/Members Welcome Pack: Now the “New Members Welcome Pack” has been created and sent out I would like to gather some feedback from both the new members I sent it to and the new clubs I have sent it out to over the past few months to ensure the information is relevant and useful
  • Virtual SSAGO: I have loved getting involved in virtual SSAGO of all forms and hope to continue to support any events both big and small however I can

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The Assistants

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Joe Barnes

What I've done
  • Liverpool Guild of Students has finally let me get the shop stock home, so I’ve been working my way through a complete stock-take of everything we have, which will be updated online before the shop opens.
  • I’m waiting for an agreement on the best colour and quality match from all our options for necker suppliers, as soon as a decision is made the order will be placed.
  • A few people have sent me ideas of what they want to see for sale with the SSAGO logo emblazoned on it, I’ve been investigating options for new items. I don’t want to end up with stock that won’t sell (Yes - like the flip flops. No - I’m not reordering flip flops!) - so I’ll be asking for expressions of interest shortly, before I place any orders.
What I'm working on
  • Reopening the Shop: My number one task is to get the shop back up and running efficiently.
  • Clearing old orders: There is a backlog of nearly 100 orders in the Shop that need either extra items sending out, or are waiting for new stock to arrive before I can complete the order - so thank you for being patient - my first job as soon as I am able is to get those orders completed and reopen the shop once again!
  • Restocking Neckers: National neckers that properly match the old ones will be available to buy soon! I have never been so excited about neckers.
  • New items: We have some ideas for new items to add to the shop; not just more green clothing! This includes the possibility of notebooks, sporks, tea towels etc! As always, if you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see in the shop, or questions about orders or anything I can do for your event or club, get in touch at
  • Long term: POS Efficiency -: I'm working with Oli to make the electronic Shop system work more efficiently for us, including being able to use it as a more integrated till at Rally, which will make stock control much easier for me.

Last updated 17/11/2020, 15:51

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Larah Korrison

What I've done
  • History page: With the help of Reuben I have updated the text and feel to the SSAGO history page
  • Archiving the summer lockdown activities: With the help of Leon, we have continued to archive the summer lockdown activities - waiting on the last few people to fill in the survey
  • Records management: Continuing to review records for archiving and destruction with Britt, we have also discussed folder structures as part of the next stage
  • Digitisation: I have worked through our Student Scout and Guide magazine collection (1950s) ready for online viewing
  • Chairs folder: Lexie has sent me the Chair’s folder for archiving
  • Resources: We now have club reports going as far back as the 1950’s
What I'm working on
  • Archives online: I have nearly finished preparing some exciting items to go online for everyone to view, I’ll be working with Oli on the feel and look of this side of the website.
  • Records management: Finish off the records management review with Britt and Oli
  • Handover: I’ll be getting ready to find a new archivist for SSAGO ideally in time for the AGM
  • Appraising paper records: I’ll be working through our paper records including the chairs folder and secretary’s folder to review what we need to keep and what needs to be destroyed e.g. we don’t need a copy of old Scouting rules. This process is called appraisal. We’re now a fully digital organisation!

Last updated 22/11/2020, 10:24

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Oliver Bills

What I've done
  • Build-A-Rally: I tried to combine and channel all our digital and virtual offerings in the support of Build-A-Rally and the move of the event to entirely virtual, as well as brand new parts of the booking process to link activities to virtual activities.
  • Supporting Virtual SSAGO: I am continuing to do my best to support Virtual SSAGO, both in terms of events and infrastructure on a national level
  • Supporting Clubs: I am continuing to do my best to support clubs with their digital requirements, from Zoom to Discord to Minecraft to events and activities.
  • Encouraging Engagement: I am doing my best to encourage and support people wanting to run Virtual SSAGO events
  • Membership Support: I have worked to support the Membership Officer in being able to contact new SSAGO members, find inactive clubs and members as well as identifying those members which need support
What I'm working on
  • Virtual Team: I want to get more people involved with Virtual SSAGO both in terms of events and in terms of infrastructure and am working to grow the Virtual SSAGO Team
  • Virtual Calendar: I am working towards developing a Virtual Calendar of all virtual events to make it easier for people to find, register interest, join and advertise events that are taking place.
  • More Virtual Activities: I would like to continue to work towards supporting and hosting more virtual events and activities and in making it easier for clubs to host these at a club and national level
  • Shop: I am working to get the online Shop back up and running which has been closed for some needed maintenance and updates
  • Supporting Team Pink: Continuing to work with the members of Team Pink on the various web projects - from badges to the archive to behind the scenes admin that needs doing
  • Supporting Clubs and Members: Continuing to work with clubs and members to ensure the national provision is helping them and helping keep people engaged in SSAGO

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Events Officer

Anthoney Gathercole

What I've done
  • Back in February when times were not so bleak, I read through the feedback from past rallies in the hope of implementing some of the comments and improvements suggested. However, these comments do not fall on deaf ears and as part of my role it is to listen to members who attend these events to find out what they love about them and find ways to improve them. Thank you to all who participate in the event feedback forms they really do help me and the exec to bring you better events.
  • There are events in the past that have had bars and some events in the future have been in contact about the possibility of having a bar at their event. The National Exec and myself have been in contact with these event committees regarding the issues that may arise from having a bar at a rally and I am confident that the appropriate measures have been put in place for bars to be present at these events.
  • It is disappointing really that I have helped cancel or postpone every event since taking up position in February. I remain confident that we will get back to having events again in the near future how soon though remains to be seen. In light of not being able to meet face to face the virtual world has taken off as late. Thank you to everyone within SSAGO who has led an event online and keeping everyone together, there has been so many of you running events it is impossible to name you all.
  • SSAGO does not cancel events, or at least it didn’t. It is very rare that an event has been cancelled within SSAGO so the very thought of a cancellation fact-sheet wouldn’t even have been a reality this time last year. When we had the unfortunate task of cancelling events it occurred to us that cancelling an event is as time consuming as making one and therefore I am currently producing a document on how to do so should help if the situation happens again in the future.
What I'm working on
  • What I have done:
  • - Reacting to feedback from past events
  • - Worked with event committees on the running of events (then cancelling some of them)
  • - Worked with event committees about the possibilities of having a bar at rallies
  • - I have helped postpone or cancel every SSAGO event since taking up my role
  • - Currently developing a fact-sheet on how to cancel an event

Last updated 07/09/2020, 08:05